Creating an Identity Risk Report

Organizations today often only evaluate risk based on information they’ve gathered directly from users and internal activity monitoring.

Account information is evaluated with our Risk API, then information is aggregated into a single score and risk level with details about any risk factors we discovered. With this context, you can configure your authentication flows to dynamically adjust based on someone’s risk to your systems and applications at that moment in time.

To get an Identity Risk Report:

  1. Sign up for a Verosint account.
  2. Upload a sample of users of your systems and applications. Users represent your customers, employees, or any other group of people who regularly access your systems and applications.
  3. Get a risk score on each user with our OSINT Risk API, and see aggregated results.

In addition to an interactive dashboard, you can also download:

  • A CSV file with the scoring results of each of the individual users uploaded
  • PDF report that goes into more details about the aggregated results