Using the Signal Playground

The Signal Playground enables you to explore a subset of OSINT signals and see how they impact the risk score so you can create a Risk Policy that works best for your business. The signals you choose determine the risk score.

  • On the Playground page, enter one or more account Identifiers (email, IP address, phone number).
  • Use the Policy Tuner to explore signals and set weights for how they are scored. Signals are grouped by category: Email, IP Address, and Phone Number. You can set the weight of the signals and categories from 0 to 100.
    • If you set a category to 0, neither the category nor its signals will impact the risk score.
    • If you set a signal to 0, it will be excluded from consideration when the risk score is calculated. It will not impact the risk score nor show up in the API results.
  • Click Get Score to see the risk score and API response.


Set Only Relevant Signals and Categories

Tune only the signals and categories that apply to the identifiers you provide. For example, if you want a risk score on a phone number only, set the Email and IP Address catego

  • Once you have explored the signals and set weights to your liking, click the + in the Policy Tuner box to create a risk policy with these settings.