Risk score now available in our rules engine!

There is now a risk score for each of the identifiers, email, IP, and phone. Additionally, there is a handy blended score available for the whole event. You can use the score just like any other signal in the rules engine.

We added a few more handy signals for you as well!

  • Free Email -- Triggers any time there is an email detected from one of many known free email providers. Especially helpful for businesses wanting to restrict sign ups to non-free email domains.
  • Email Alias -- Triggers any time someone uses the username+1 style alias. This works across multiple providers and captures the most common alias styles such as +, - and .. This is a great way to keep users from referring themselves on your platform multiple times.

Removal of Custom Risk Policies

With the move to Risk Scores being available in rules, we've begun the deprecation of custom risk policies. As a result, you'll notice a few pages no longer in the app (Risk Scoring, Playground, and Evaluator).

The original risk score endpoint continues to be available while we transition current integrations