Getting Started

The Verosint platform offers multiple tools to help you detect and prevent account fraud. With Verosint, you can detect and avoid fraud and increase security measures for suspicious accounts. Verosint provides signal-based identity assurance by verifying account and event data against open-source Intelligence (OSINT).

You can also start by adding a set of access events to SignalPrint, either from the CLI,as an HTTP POST request to the API endpoint, or simply upload a CSV file through the UI. Once added, you can view the users who have accessed your applications and details about the accounts, locations, and system types that may be a potential risk.

Once you get a feel for the information that might pose a threat, you can create rules that prevent fraudulent accounts from accessing your systems.

Verosint integrates with multiple platforms to provide comprehensive fraud detection for you and a seamless experience for your users. See: