Using the Explorer

The Verosint Explorer helps you easily discover fraud by looking at your users' activity. All events processed by Verosint can be viewed in the Explorer dashboard. Timestamps are Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).


Sending Custom Event Data, or Past Events

  • You may have data associated with login or registration events that you want Verosint to process. This information can be added to the API request in JSON format with the workspaceCustomData field. Custom data is viewable in the Explorer, but not searchable and is limited to 8 KB.
  • Events added with older timestamps will show the state of the signals at the time the events were processed by Verosint.

Start by choosing the data you want to see, then click through the table to view details. Set any number of filters to view events by date, event type, account information, or signal type. Multiple values for a single filter are joined by the 'OR' operator.

Use Quick Filters to view information by fraud type for the past 30 days. Quick filters will overwrite previous filter settings.

The graph and table views are updated based on your selection. Data in the graphs are searchable and can be used to update filters and views.

You can also copy the search URL to save or send to another administrator.

  • Click between Events, Accounts, IPs, Prints, Emails, or Phones to view search results for each group.
  • Click column headings in each table to sort information.
  • Click an account or event to view details.
  • Click an event or signal to view event details.
Explorer Dashboard - Accounts

Explorer Dashboard - Accounts


Adding Accounts to a List

Select the check box next to one or more accounts, and click the Add to menu to add the account to an existing list, or create a new list.