SignalPrint Overview

SignalPrint is Verosint's unique solution that allows you to detect and discover fraudulent activity. SignalPrint tracks users interacting with your applications in real time without needing any code inside the web browser.

To take advantage of this technology, your application needs to be configured to submit events to the SignalPrint events endpoint, or you can integrate with a Verosint partner:

Each event includes information about the activity that may include an account identifier, an email address, an IP address, a user agent, or a phone number.


About The Identifiers

While not all identifiers are required, the more information the application can provide, the more insights Verosint can build and the more accurate model of the user activity can be created over time.

Verosint validates all provided identifiers to see if they are valid. If a given identifier is not valid, it is given a Risk labeling the on the event. Signal processing is skipped for invalid identifiers.

As long as there is one valid identifier, the event is saved and signals are processed for all valid parts of the event. If there is no valid identifier, the event is not saved.

While some changes to user activity are normal, such as using a mobile or desktop device or changes to the browser version, others may indicate possible malicious activity. Over time, patterns such as account sharing and multiple account usage may be detected based on these events. Verosint will also start tagging activities as it identifies fraudulent behavior, such as impossible travel.

SignalPrint Explorer with an Account Selected

SignalPrint Explorer with an Account Selected