Using SignalPrint

After you have uploaded a set of customer account information or integrated with the SignalPrint API Events endpoint, either from the command line or through the SignalPrint API, you can see your customers’ event history on the SignalPrint page.

In the Verosint application, click SignalPrint in the navigation pane. You can click the (+) or (-) icons to zoom in and out. Click and drag in the graph to move the image.

SignalPrint Explorer

SignalPrint Explorer

Each account is illustrated as a navy blue dot and includes metadata about the account, such as an email, phone number, or both. Each instance of an event (login attempt from a new device, for example) generates a PrintID, or a yellow dot connected to the account. Each yellow PrintID is generated from a unique IP address or user agent.

Typically, a user might log in from one or two devices, from one or two locations. So a ‘normal’ print might look like a blue dot with two or three associated yellow prints. A cause for concern might be a single user with multiple print events that are somehow unique. This might represent a user sharing an account or creating multiple accounts.

Filtering and Tags

Icons at the top of the graph enable searching and filtering.

SignalPrint Tag Filter

SignalPrint Tag Filter

  • Click the search icon and enter an email address, phone number, or print ID to locate a specific account on the graph.
  • Click the filter icon to show accounts based on a tag or set of tags, such as Breach, Invalid Domain, or Bot IP address. Verosint provides a number of tags based on possible account fraud, or you can create custom tags.
  • Click the calendar icon to view prints within a date range.


Custom Tags

You can add, remove, and replace tags for accounts with the Verosint CLI or API.

Getting the Details

Every print on the page provides additional information about the account and associated events. A selected print is light blue to show that it is your focus.

The Light Blue Dot is the Selected Account

The Light Blue Dot is the Selected Account

Account Node Details

Click on an account node (navy blue dot) to view details about the account. The following information is displayed:

  • The email or phone number associated with the account.
  • The time the account node was created.
  • The last time an event associated with this account occurred.
  • The unique PrintID for the last event associated with this account. Click the PrintID to go to the event.
  • The IP addresses and devices used by the user of this account are listed, with the number of times used.

PrintID Details

Click a PrintID node (yellow dot) to view details about the unique print.

Print Details

Print Details

The following information is displayed:

  • PrintID is the unique ID for this event.
  • The time the print was created.
  • The last time this PrintID was seen on an event that occurred. If a user has logged into your system multiple times with this IP address and/or user agent, multiple entries are listed in the Event History.
  • Each event in the Event History includes the email or phone number (if any), IP address, and user agent information, such as:
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