How Verosint Works

Verosint stops account fraud by discovering, preventing, and blocking fraud with AI-powered analysis and recommendations. Verosint combines open-source intelligence (OSINT), AI insights, device data, and account activity and events to determine potential fraud patterns. Fraud detection and prevention include:

  • Comprehensive Analytics: Provides detailed analytics and insights into fraud patterns and trends.
  • AI and Machine Learning: Uses advanced AI and machine learning to detect and prevent fraud in real time.
  • Risk Scoring: Provides dynamic risk scoring to evaluate the potential of fraudulent activity.
  • Customizable Workflow Engine: Enables custom rules and thresholds for fraud detection tailored to the business's specific needs.
  • Adaptive Authentication: Continuously adapts to new threats and fraud tactics.

Import Data

Verosint uses existing account data and access events to determine valid and healthy patterns in your environment and those that are outside the norm. The combination of OSINT and AI eliminates the guesswork of what fraud looks like on your platform based on your users and their access characteristics. A larger data set provides a more accurate model for identifying potential fraud patterns.

Start by Importing Data either from the CLI, as an HTTP POST request to the API endpoint, or upload a CSV file through the UI.

Visit the API reference for a full list of supported event types.


Sending Custom Event Data

You may have data associated with login or registration events that you want Verosint to process. This information can be added to the API request in JSON format with the workspaceCustomData field. Custom data is viewable in the Explorer, but not searchable and is limited to 8 KB.

Learn from Verosint Results

Once the initial data set is evaluated, Verosint displays system, event, and account details labeled as potential risks in multiple ways:

AI Insights: System access and events are analyzed over a 30-day period to provide actionable information.

Explorer: Shows event and account activity across the workspace with filters enabling you to see if specific threats exist.

SignalPrint: Displays account and event relationships in the workspace to see account sharing and multiple account fraud in your environment.

Account Intelligence: Account details are provided to show individual activity and patterns in relation to other accounts in the workspace.

You can view the users who have accessed your applications and details about the accounts, locations, and system types that may be a potential risk. Verosint processes, analyses, and displays multiple event types.

Configure Lists and Workflows

Verosint prevents future attacks with rules that implement risk signals and customizable outcomes, such as denying access or prompting for MFA. If you know that a set of accounts is potentially dangerous, you can create a list of those accounts and add the list to a rule that requires additional security, such as MFA.

Stream Data

Now that you know what fraud looks like in your environment, Verosint integrates with multiple platforms to provide comprehensive fraud detection and a seamless experience for your users. See: