Using the CLI Tool

The command line interface (CLI) is written in Go and can be installed on any platform that supports Go. The CLI enables you to access Verosint APIs with bulk data sets. Today, the CLI supports the following functionality:

  • Rules evaluation.
  • Sending events to SignalPrint.
  • Retrieving data for an account.
  • Updating tags for an account.
  • LDAP Search results for Input->LDIF Output.
  • LDAP Search results for Input->LDAP modify for Output
  • Generate Schema Extensions on LDAP server if using LDAP.

Getting Started

With a Verosint account, you can download and install the CLI tool:

npm i -g @take2identity/verosint

Or install using go:

go install

If you have Docker installed, you can run the CLI using

docker run --rm

For more information, see Verosint's public space.

Detailed information and help are available for the CLI and each command.

Top-level help:

verosint --help

Command-specific help:

verosint <command> --help

Adding the API Key

The safest place for the API key is the configuration file. Add the following to the verosint.yaml file in your home directory:


Alternatively, you can point the CLI to a custom configuration file using the --config option.