Evaluate an Event

With multiple events, Verosint can determine potential account sharing or fraud. Use the verosint CLI to add events. After events are added, you can view account and event details in the SignalPrint Explorer.

Add the Auth0 Action

Once this Action is added to the Auth0 Post-Login flow, all logins for your tenant will be processed by this Action. Please make sure that all components have been configured correctly and verified on a test tenant.

  1. Select Add Integration.
  2. Read the necessary access requirements and click Continue.
  3. Configure the integration using the following fields:
    API_KEY: Each time your application makes a request to Verosint, it authenticates with an API key for your Verosint account.
    Base URL: https://api.verosint.com.
  4. Click Create to add the integration to your Library.
  5. Click the Add to flow link on the pop-up that appears.
  6. Drag the Action into the desired location in the flow.
  7. Click Apply Changes.