A big update to close out the month of May! Adaptive Identity Proofing, Verified Prints, a new dashboard and more.

Adaptive Identify Proofing
Through a partnership with ID Dataweb, we now offer adaptive identity proofing to all customers. Use fraud and risk signals to dynamically proof anyone signing up for your product. Learn more about Adaptive Identity Proofing. Learn more about the partnership.

Verified Prints
Verified prints increase the life of your identity proofing. The SignalPrint used to successfully verify a user's identity is automatically tracked. You can check during any rule if the current print matches the verified print on file to have higher confidence you’re dealing with the real user.

ATO Dashboard
Our new account takeover dashboard gives you insight into key indicators of where account takeovers may be happening in your user base. It’s available now in the Dashboards section.

Custom Tags via API
You can now assign tags to accounts via API or the CLI. Making it even easier to tag banned users, keep track of internal accounts, or any other additional context about an account.