We've released the SignalPrint Explorer v2 graph, which makes it easier for you to choose a specific starting point and do a targeted investigation of potentially fraudulent activity.

Highlights include:

  • Introducing the expanding node! When you first load a cluster, we display the direct connections (one degree away). If there are additional nodes, we display a multi-colored ring around the node - so you can walk the graph as you choose while investigating connections.
  • In addition to our Account, Email, IP, and Print info panels, you can now click on a line between an Account and Print node to see the Connection History info panel.
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  • There's a summary in the bottom left corner that displays the total # of nodes by type. This updates as you (un)select nodes on the graph.
  • In addition to Account and Print nodes, we've introduced email :email:, IP address, and phone number :telephone-receiver: nodes - making it easier to see which identifier details are associated with a given account.
  • It loads faster! :zap: