Rule Set Templates

Verosint offers the following templates to use as-is or configure to meet your business needs. On the Rules page, click + and select Templates. Create a rule set from any of the available templates.

Rule Set TemplateDescription
Email - Age of Email DomainDetermines if an email domain has been recently created.
Email - DisposableDetermines if an email is not an actual user and is disposable.
Email - Duration Since an Email was found in a BreachDetermines s passed since an email was found in a data breach.
Email - Found in a Known BreachDetermines if an email is found in a known breach.
Email - Invalid DNSDetermines if an email is from an invalid DNS.
Email - MFA Eligibility CheckDetermines if an email is from a recently created domain, has invalid DNS records, is fake or disposable, or can be found in at least one data breach in the past year. If the email meets any of these criteria, the outcome can be used to trigger MFA.
IP - Deny ListDetermines if an IP address is on a known deny list.
IP - GeofencingDetermines if an IP address is located in a specified geographical range.
IP - Suspect CountriesDetermine if users are trying to access your system from countries or locations that you want to avoid. Country codes are ISO 3166-2 format.
IP - TOR/BOT/VPNDetermines if an IP address is a known bot, anonymous (TOR node), or a VPN.
Phone - MFA Eligibility CheckDetermines if a phone number is on a Do Not Originate (DNO) list. If so, the outcome can be used to trigger an additional security check, such as MFA.
Auth0 Adaptive MFAUsed in an Auth0 flow to prompt MFA if the account is new to the system (a new print), if the account is not new but had not previously enrolled in MFA, or if the account is logging in from impossible travel parameters.
Automated Tasks (BOTs & Robo Calls)Identifies automated tasks and processes that are likely sources of illegitimate activities (such as bot activity or robo calls).
Restricted CountriesPrevents users from restricted countries from accessing your systems based on their IP location or phone number.
Suspicious User ActivityIdentifies account activity that can be impossible travel, account sharing, and multiple account use. The set also includes a rule for using custom tags so that you can add information meaningful to your business.